Teeth whitening and smile makeovers in Glasgow

Have you been pondering the thought of having a smile boost and been wondering what could be achieved in creating an even brighter smile? You aren’t the only one, reports say that half of the British population are unhappy with their smile. We at Smile Dental Care Glasgow think this is a pretty sad statistic and so are offering smile makeovers in Glasgow. A way of opening the conversation with respect to tooth happiness and working with patients to find the best solution for them. This includes a multitude of different options when it comes to cosmetic procedures for teeth, but for today let’s focus on whitening.


What is tooth whitening?

One of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry we work with when it comes to smile makeovers in Glasgow is teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a way of whitening and brightening your smile. It works to lessen discolouration on teeth and remove stains. It’s a safe procedure and we at our practice only use the best products available.

Types of whitening

We are proud to offer three different types of tooth whitening.

In-surgery whitening is a type of whitening that uses lasers to brighten the teeth. The treatment only takes about an hour and half and is perfect for those looking for quick fix smile makeovers in Glasgow. We use a special product ‘Zoom’ whitening which is especially designed to protect the gums and lips during the whitening process. The product used is a gel that, when put under the laser light, activates and begins to lighten the teeth.

Home whitening is a good option if you aren’t in a rush to get those teeth sparkling bright. You’ll visit us at the practice to have mould taken so you can have customised whitening trays made. These fit over your teeth and are worn at night with the whitening gel applied to lighten teeth over a two week period. Our practice currently uses WhiteWash for home whitening, it’s safe and has been especially designed by UK dentists.

A third option is combination whitening, if you’re looking for an overall tip-top form of whitening then our recommendation always falls to Enlighten whitening. Enlighten partners in-surgery and at-home whitening techniques to give fantastic long-term results. You’ll have trays made to be worn with whitening gel for two weeks along with an hour long procedure in the surgery. You will also be given a top-up whitening kit for you to use as and when needed.

Keeping your smile white

As with lots of treatments when it comes to your teeth, if you want to keep your smile white post-procedure you need to make sure you are taking care of your teeth too. There are things to avoid if you want to banish discolouration and staining, for example, tea, coffee, red wine, curry, fruit juices, bright berries, and smoking. Our dentist will be able to go into more detail about this with you, but it’s worth doing your research into keeping your new, bright-white smile shiny.

Can Invisalign in Glasgow fix overbites?

Invisalign has been a popular form of orthodontic correction for a long time, the aligners work along a similar principle to traditional braces using pressure over time to correct alignment issues. Overbites are a very common problem found among our patients. In the past it’s been reported that aligner methods such as Invisalign in Glasgow aren’t as good or quick at correcting these problems as other types of braces, but we at Smile Dental Care don’t believe this to be true. Here’s all you need to know on Invisalign and overbites.


What is an overbite?

Overbites are when your top teeth go further and jut out above your bottom teeth. Lots of people have slight overbites and this is usually nothing to worry about, but some people have a more severe one that needs correcting through orthodontic treatment – such as Invisalign in Glasgow.

How Invisalign corrects an overbite

Unlike other forms of orthodontics, Invisalign is special as it’s far less obvious to the human eye, and for the most part is far more comfortable too. Invisalign consists of custom-made aligner trays that are totally removable. You must wear the trays for a minimum of twenty-two hours per day for them to work at their maximum potential. As you work through the procedure you will switch the trays for new ones every one to two weeks, and it’s the pressure from the new trays that will begin to move the teeth into a new position.

Does treating an overbite with Invisalign take a long time?

Just as with any other form of brace, how long Invisalign takes will greatly depend on the severity of the correction needed. But as a general rule most patients can expect to wear their Invisalign in Glasgow for anywhere between six months to two years. If you are removing your aligners for more than two hours a day this will impact the time taken to see improvements. After you complete the treatment plan you will still need to wear a retainer system at night to keep your teeth in their new position. Retainers give your jaw the time needed to get your bone and tissue able to keep your teeth in place, in most cases it’s recommended to wear retainers every night, how long depends on the individual case.

Will I need to use rubber bands with Invisalign?

With some orthodontic treatments you may have noticed patients having rubber bands attached to their brace. This applies extra pressure on the teeth to help them move quicker. It is sometimes used in the Invisalign system too. Our dentist will use a tooth-matching bonding substance to create button-like latches that will have the bands attached to them. This is commonly used when working on improving a bite.

Invisalign or traditional braces?

There are pros and cons to all types of orthodontic treatment and as already mentioned every case comes down to the individual, when you come and see us at our practice for your initial assessment our dentist will be able to discuss which option they think is best for you.

What smile makeovers in Glasgow can do for you

2022 is a year for celebrating. Finally we are free to get back to pre-pandemic life! Summer parties, outside concerts, afternoons in the pub surrounded by friends and loved ones! And we have a feeling it’s going to be back to back weddings all summer long, not to mention the baby celebrations from all those lockdown bumps finally bouncing into the word. Not all of this socializing can feel daunting if you aren’t feeling confident in your smile – but don’t worry us here at smile dental care are on hand with smile makeovers in Glasgow to boost your smile confidence.


What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is how we look at improving your smile. There is a whole toolbox full of options available to you to fix the areas of your smile you don’t feel quite as happy as you’d like with. When you come to the practice to discuss your smile makeover your dental specialist will be able to assess your individual smile. And we will talk with you about what exactly it is you are wanting to gain from your smile makeover in Glasgow. We use the newest technology to assess exactly what it is you need to get the smile you wish, there are options available for every budget so don’t worry.

After we’ve got to the bottom of exactly what your smile makeover in Glasgow will look like, we will take photos and x-rays and sometimes even models of your teeth and gums. From this we will be able to show you what your smile could look like after the work has been done. 

What work does smile makeovers include?

For some of our patients a smile makeover could be as simple as getting their smile lightened and brightened – teeth whitening is more popular than ever and we’re proud to offer our patients some of the best methods in the business. We can either laser whiten at the surgery or you can whiten from the comfort of your own home.

If for you it’s that you’re worried about gaps, cracked or chipped teeth it could be that you need to look at porcelain veneers or composite bonding. Veneers sit over the tooth to give a straighter more uniform look to the teeth. This is very common among celebrities.

Perhaps you’re ready to go all the way and look at having orthodontic treatment done to correct your teeth. Luckily we live in a world full of amazing technology and this isn’t limited to our electronic gadgets. In recent years the ways in which we straighten teeth have greatly reformed and there are some amazing, comfortable, super discreet options available to people wanting to achieve the perfect smile without causing disruption to their lives in the process.

Why wait?

It’s the year for celebrating so celebrate yourself and get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us online or via telephone to get started on your smile makeover journey today – we can’t wait to see you again soon.

Why should I go for Invisalign in Glasgow over other brace options?

Having super straight teeth is often what most of us would desire, but more often than not people can miss out on the teeth straightening window in their teens and miss the opportunity to get the smile they always dreamed of. But us at Smile Dental Care want to offer you an opportunity you can’t refuse – the ability to finally fix your teeth to a smile you can be proud of. What’s more is that it’s non-invasive and basically invisible. Invisalign in Glasgow is becoming more and more popular, and here’s the big four C’s on why.



When you think of braces, you might have some negative images in mind. But with Invisalign in Glasgow this isn’t an issue anymore. The nature of Invisalign is that there are two smooth trays that sit flush against your teeth, rids you of any harsh rubbing or sores. And as they are designed to move teeth slowly as you move through the different stages, you don’t need to worry about teeth being sore from pulling. There may of course be some discomfort, but it should be minimal.


You don’t want your teeth straightening process to greatly interfere with your lifestyle and that’s absolutely fair enough. We live in a fast world, full of camera phones and social media posts. We don’t want our patients feeling anxious or uncomfortable if we can possibly avoid it. With Invisalign in Glasgow you can put your worries to rest and carry on as normal. Invisalign are specially designed to be as subtle as possible – unless people are getting really up close and personal they won’t see you wearing them.  Plus they’re totally removable so in the event of your best friend’s wedding or a super important business meeting you can take them.


As your aligners will be totally removable you will still be able to keep up a super in depth oral health routine. Often we see when patients have fixed braces that don’t allow for cleaning between teeth, patients overall mouth health suffers as a result. Not with invisalign, you can still floss everyday, twice a day if you feel up for it. Keeping on top of this will make sure you aren’t left with gum inflammation or tooth decay. Both of which are leading causes of tooth loss and cost you extra pennies to get treated, which is never ideal.


Invisalign is a quick method, with some patients getting their desired results in as little as 20 weeks!! Every case is different and it will very much depend on how much time you wear your braces (they should be in 22 hours per day) and how complex a move we’re attempting through teeth straightening.

If this all sounds too good to be true and you want some more advice, please do get in contact with one of the team at the practice. We’re available through email and over the phone. We look forward to welcoming you back for your next check up and catch up.

Have you heard of smile makeovers in Glasgow?

Are you unhappy with the way your smile looks? Maybe you’re missing teeth, they’re misaligned or you don’t like the colour? It has never been easier to get your hands on one of our smile makeovers in Glasgow! In our current society, there is a lot of pressure placed upon the smile. From first impressions to job interviews, to making people feel safe and welcome and even your own sense of confidence, the concept of a smile is growing with importance every day. Why wait to get the smile of your dreams when it is right within your grasp?


Here at Smile Dental Care Glasgow, we understand the importance of a smile. As one of our patients, you’re at the heart of our practice and every decision we make, right down to the colours of our waiting room walls. We’re always happy to have you and we want you to feel the same way about us. Do you know the best way to show that you’re happy? A smile!

In this article, we’d love to tell you all about the smile makeovers in Glasgow and just how you can benefit from one of your own.

What are they?

Smile makeovers in Glasgow are a form of cosmetic dental surgery that can bring back the confidence you want in your appearance and smile. What makes this option different from going with a specific treatment is that it is specifically tailored towards patients who aren’t sure what kind of treatment they need, but just know that they want to make a change to their smile. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up like a wedding, or an important event at work, you might have decided that you want to touch up the brightness. Maybe you’re looking for something more permanent to hide any damage or close up any gaps. Whatever your reasoning, we’re here to help!

How do they work?

The process starts with consultations and checkups to discuss what kind of makeover you’re looking for. We’ll cover what makes you dissatisfied with your smile and what you’d like to have as an end result. Next, we will take images, x-rays and scans of your teeth, mouth and gums and input them into our computer. Whichever member of our team that you’re dealing with will have lots of knowledge for you and will therefore share the options that will get you your desired result, talking you through the benefits and the process of each. Once you’ve decided on the path that you want to take, your treatment plan will be created and we will start as soon as possible.

Teeth whitening

As part of your plan, you might have mentioned that you’re unhappy with the current colour of your teeth. We can help to give you a bright, white smile with a simple teeth whitening treatment! There are multiple options for teeth whitening, including an at home option and the in-practice option. You will get instructions for the at home option that are very easy to follow and we are always on hand to answer your questions.


If you’d like a more permanent solution to your damaged front teeth, we can place veneers to have them looking their best.

Invisalign in Glasgow; Let’s talk about it

If your teeth are crooked, misaligned, you have an underbite or overbite, it is possible that you found this article because you’re looking for a treatment that will allow you to smile with confidence once again. That’s why we’d like to introduce Invisalign in Glasgow, a clear brace alternative with the power to give you a jump in your step every time you catch yourself smiling in the mirror.


Here at Smile Dental Care Glasgow, we care about you. As one of our patients, you always come first. Your treatment plan will always be unique and special to you, just as you are to us. It is important to us that you understand your treatment every step of the way, so we will always answer any of your questions and concerns to the best of our ability.

In this short article, we will introduce you to Invisalign in Glasgow and talk about the process, how it works and all the benefits.

Will this work for me?

If you’re an adult, you might be more inclined to favour Invisalign in Glasgow. This is due to the invisible trays used that allows you to go about your day to day life without those around you knowing that you’ve started your teeth straightening journey. No matter the problem with your teeth, whether it be crowded teeth, spaced teeth, a crossbite, deep bite, overbite or underbite, we believe that the clear aligners will work for you. If you’re still unsure, feel free to send us a selfie of your smile! Then we will send a proposed result to you before we go any further.

How does it work?

This treatment is a clear alternative to the standard braces you might be aware of. They work by using completely custom plastic trays that you should wear for the majority of the day, despite the fact that they are removable. After your initial consultation, we will take x-rays and images of your mouth, as well as moulds of your teeth to make sure that the treatment plan is completely unique to your needs. You will be provided with a series of aligners that you will wear at home for a period of 1-2 weeks at a time, before changing to your next tray. The teeth will subtly move into their desired position as a result of the pressure.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of this clear aligner option. To start, they are made with comfort in mind. Unlike the metal braces, the plastic used for our trays is smoothed down, meaning that you won’t have anything sticking into your gums or making them impossible to wear.

The trays are completely invisible unless those around you are looking for them. This means that you can straighten your teeth within the comfort of your own home or even out and about, without feeling self-conscious.

As the trays are completely removable, you will have an improved cleanliness of your teeth and gums. You can also thoroughly wash the trays after eating, so that no food or build up will be transferred to your teeth.

Glow up your smile through smile makeovers in Glasgow

Let yourself shine


At Smile Dental Care Glasgow we know that every smile has the potential to be beautiful and impactful and that the better your smile looks, the more you will be inclined to use it. We also recognise that many people out there are unsatisfied with one or more aesthetic aspects of their smiles, and for those who feel this way we thoroughly advise speaking with our in-house team of experts about smile makeovers in Glasgow.

These makeovers are a great option for those out there who know they are unhappy with how their smile looks, but are at a loss when it comes to choosing the correct course of action to address these issues.

What are smile makeovers in Glasgow?

As mentioned, the smile makeovers in Glasgow which we offer here at our practice are a brilliant way for people who don’t have extensive knowledge of cosmetic dentistry or treatments to get the care they need quickly and easily. As every smile is as unique as the person who owns it, any treatments we use during our smile makeovers are all tailored specifically to the patient receiving them.

 At Smile Dental Care Glasgow our cosmetic experts have the ability to provide patients with a wide range of treatments, which include tooth whitening to improve the shade of your enamel and gum reshaping to address gummy smiles. We also offer discreet orthodontics such as Invisalign, which allow patients to shift overlapping or crooked teeth through a treatment that does not affect their appearance whilst doing so.

We also offer other cosmetic treatments to our patients which are not purely dental, such as Botox injections to treat visible signs of ageing like wrinkles, or dermal fillers to restore the plumpness and fullness of your complexion.

What happens at a smile makeover appointment?

At our surgery we have a cosmetic dental expert who aims to offer our patients every type of treatment they could ever need to maximise their appearance and boost their confidence levels.

We know, however, that many of the treatments we offer are not always something which patients may have considered before, which is why we always begin our smile makeover with a friendly conversation about what each patient’s motivation for seeking out our help is, and what it is about their smiles or complexion they are looking to change.

This information, in terms of helping us guide you towards the best treatment outcome, is invaluable, as our cosmetic experts will listen attentively and note which of the various treatment routes we offer is best suited to what you need.

Following on from the initial conversation with our cosmetic experts, the next stage in your smile makeover involves taking photographs and X-rays of the interior of your mouth before uploading the results into our computer. Once we have your results digitally our experts will then explain to you what options are available and why each may be suited to your needs, before working with you to decide on which to go for. After deciding on which treatment route to take we will then create a customised treatment plan which meets these needs in the most convenient time scale for you possible.

Choose Invisalign in Glasgow to comfortably correct misaligned teeth

The discreetly different option


At Smile Dental Care Glasgow all we want is to see happy and healthy smiles on the faces of all our patients. We understand that having slightly overlapping, crooked or gappy teeth can have a detrimental impact on your self-esteem and willingness to smile broadly. So for anyone who is dissatisfied with the alignment of their smiles, we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our professional practitioners about getting Invisalign in Glasgow.

Over our practice’s years of dental service to the Glasgow area and beyond, we’ve used the Invisalign aligner method to help countless patients of every age correct the evenness of their teeth, and maximise the aesthetics and visual impact of their smiles. We can help anyone who needs it if they simply book an initial Invisalign consultation at our practice.

What does getting Invisalign in Glasgow involve?

If you’ve decided to do something proactive about any crooked or overlapping teeth you may have by getting Invisalign in Glasgow from us here at our practice, the first thing which we will do is carry out an initial dental examination to determine your eligibility.

Despite Invisalign’s universally praised success, not all types of orthodontic misalignments can be treated through Invisalign, which is why we must first assess the type of orthodontic problems you have before treatment can begin. Additionally, certain underlying dental problems such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, decay or abscesses can stand in the way of Invisalign’s success and therefore must be identified and rectified before we can begin treatment.

If no dental obstacles are evident and you are deemed eligible for Invisalign after this dental examination, we can then take the impressions we’ll need to construct your unique set of Invisalign trays using our cutting-edge Trios Scanner, which digitally scans your tooth shape without the need for any gooey or uncomfortable physical moulds to be taken.

Once you’ve discussed the Invisalign process extensively with one of our experts and made a decision about which package you would like, we can then use our ClinCheck technology to create a highly detailed and accurate digital impression of how your teeth will shift throughout your Invisalign treatment and show you what the end results will be.

After you have seen the results of the scan we will then create your customised aligners and give them to you to take home and begin your treatment over the next 6-12 months.

How does Invisalign straighten crooked teeth?

One of the main reasons that so many people of all ages are increasingly choosing Invisalign treatment for minor visible orthodontic problems is due to the treatment’s discreet and cosmetic nature. Every custom-made retainer is built to fit perfectly over its owner’s teeth and makes use of carefully positioned structural grooves, pressure points and ridges within its interior to push certain teeth into shape.

Because these Invisalign trays are wafer-thin and built purely from transparent plastic, they are almost totally undetectable when worn. Additionally, because the treatment is not attached to your mouth anywhere, patients who choose Invisalign can remove their aligners at their own discretion – which is something that very few other orthodontic treatments can offer.

Smile makeovers in Glasgow and what they can do for you!

Don’t let your appearance hold you back; take control with smile makeovers in Glasgow. At Smile Dental Care Glasgow, we want to give you the tools and the opportunity to meet your aesthetic goals. With the modern techniques and tools of dentistry, some of the most striking and effective changes can be made. Let’s find out more!


How does a smile makeover differ from a normal dental checkup?

Smile makeovers are not like your normal dental checkup; they are not focused on the health or functionality of your teeth, but those things must be dealt with and managed before engaging in smile makeovers in Glasgow. If you do have any dental work that needs to be carried out, you should engage in that first; not only would any aesthetic progress rapidly unravel without meeting medical needs, but many medical procedures will improve aesthetics as a by-product if not by design.

During a smile makeover, an assessment will be made of the starting point of your teeth. Your aesthetic goals will be thoroughly discussed with our professionals, and we will seek to discuss the most suitable treatments that we have to help you meet these goals with as little pressure or stress on your mouth as possible. In many instances, we will utilise different cosmetic treatments.

What would a makeover include?

It can be extremely broad and personalised; both your starting point and goals make up a big part of which procedures your makeover could include. On one end, it may include little more than a scale and polish with some whitening. On the other end, you may need orthodontic treatment, implants, veneers and whitening.

Either way, the treatment schedule will be designed with you at the forefront and take account of what your goals are and how to achieve them in the most efficient way possible. But exactly what is included would be difficult to say without a full assessment with our team.

How long will it take?

As the treatment schedule is being designed to ensure that the treatments are delivered promptly and efficiently, some treatments can be carried out simultaneously, but others must be completed sequentially with one procedure finished before the next can start. This gives smile makeovers a very wide range of possible overall treatment time.

Many of our patients opt for a smile makeover before a big upcoming event like a wedding. If you are preparing for such an event, please mention this at the beginning of the process, so it can be seen as an essential aspect of the treatment, and any care will be tailored around that due date.

Staff skills

The real challenge of providing high-quality smile makeovers in Glasgow has been establishing staff with the correct set of skills. It is not enough to be a talented dentist nor to simply have an eye for aesthetics, symmetry and beauty, but all of these are required. We are very pleased to have assembled the staff needed to provide a high quality of aesthetic dental care with a team that can use all of the aforementioned skills and more to achieve it.

If you’re curious about how we could help you, feel free to get in contact with us at Smile Dental Care Glasgow, and we would be happy to give you further information.

Orthodontic tools: braces and Invisalign in Glasgow

Orthodontics is an old and technically non-invasive part of dentistry, though not many people would think so based on their reaction to standard metal braces! But it doesn’t have to be like this. Let’s look at some modern orthodontic tools like Invisalign in Glasgow.


Teeth are in a constant state of motion; their rate of movement is fairly low, but they constantly shift backwards and forwards, responding to the forces put on them. At the base of every tooth is a set of tendons, as well as around the sides of the root to the jawbone with the top of the root fused into the jawbone itself. The teeth sway under forces put on them before returning to their positions; this is part of what gives teeth their strength by permitting a degree of flexibility.

If a force is consistently applied in one direction to a tooth, it will adopt a new position, almost like training the branch of a tree into a new direction with a coil of wire. The coil of wire in our analogy represents orthodontic tools, and although based on the same principle, how they affect the patient’s everyday life can be quite different.

Invisible aligners

Invisalign in Glasgow is a type of clear aligner; these plastic gum shield-like forms must be worn over your teeth. They are relatively thin and completely translucent to make them as subtle as possible.

Each clear aligner comes in sets and should be worn for two weeks before moving on to the next in the sequence, which must be completed in order. Their order is very important; within each aligner is the force and shape to push your teeth a little further towards their final position before handing off to the next one. When you first put on the aligner in the sequence, it will feel tight and consistent pressure will be applied to your teeth over the two weeks. Eventually, they will become looser, which is a sign that it is time to move on to the next aligner.

Traditional metal braces

Traditional metal braces store energy in an archwire that is transmitted via the brackets into the teeth. By tightening the archwire and altering the positions of the brackets, the brace will push or pull the teeth, changing their positions promptly with more force.


Retainers are not really orthodontic tools in the sense of moving teeth, but they do preserve the progress made by other tools. The tendons that are attached to each root inside the gum are placed under tension by orthodontic treatment and can pull teeth back to their original positions in a process called reversion.

Holding your teeth in their new locations for long enough reduces the tension in those tendons, and the chances of reversion fade over time, thanks to retainers. So, be sure to keep your retainers in!

What’s right for you

Exactly which tools are most suited to a particular misalignment is very individual and requires careful examination of patients by our team. If you have a preference, you should mention this to our dentist. Invisalign in Glasgow is very popular but not universally helpful, especially if molars need to be repositioned.